Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday David Cronenberg!

Happy 67th birthday to David Cronenberg - director of one of the best remakes of ever (THE FLY) and portrayer of the creepiest killer ever (NIGHTBREED), amongst other great weird cinematic achievements. Who else has brought William S. Burroughs (NAKED LUNCH) AND JG Ballard (CRASH) to the screen? And sex zombies in a modern high rise starring Barabara Steele AND Lynn Lowry (SHIVERS)? Forget about it! Don't even get me started on the horrors of birth in THE BROOD or all that crazy dual personality gynocology stuff in DEAD RINGERS!

What haven't you done, David? You brought us Marilyn Chambers in RABID. Head explosions (SCANNERS) will never be the same. eXistenZ was a return to form for you! And car crashes never have turned me on more.

Cronenberg! You rock! This Gallo tastes ten times better when I drink it thinking of you.

Put on HISTORY OF VIOLENCE - it's good shit - nature vs. nurture and all that and Vigo Mortensen is a hot piece and raise a glass!


  1. Don't forget about Videodrome! I saw Crash in theaters...I'm proud to say that for some reason!

  2. A director seriously worth noting, even if he never seems to be as highly rated as he truely deserves to be.
    Good call on picking up on his creepy ass role, as the Button faced killer in "Nightbreed", but then for some reason he just does creepy and oddball well, just look as his appearance in "Alias".

    Still have to wonder if it's just me or is he looking more and more like Jim Jarmusch these days??

  3. Jenn, when are you going to reveiw "VIDEODROME"? his greatest masterwork. By the way, make sure you see the complete un-edited version with every single frame intact the way Cronenberg originally envisioned and intended it to be because there are still some edited versions floating around out there.

  4. I saw CRASH *three times* in the theater! Cronenberg is a true master. Even his lesser movies are more interesting than many filmmakers' best films. He's done Burroughs, Barker, and Ballard...

    There are edited versions of VIDEODROME? I thought the Criterion disc was the same as any other version.