Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some quick thoughts on the movies I watched tonite

Sam went to go get the step kids in New Joisey today and I was off so I had all day to watch movies and dye my hair, which was a nice break. The BFF stopped by and we gossiped for a bit, drank some wine, smoked some cigs, and then I watched me some movies.

First up was Cavalcade favorite David Cronenberg's RABID. I have been a life long fan of Cronenberg, as long time readers know, but I am ashamed to admit having never seen this one before. And being as how we'll be meeting and greeting with DC in Toronto in less than three months, I might as well finish off his filmography beforehand. And of course I wasn't disappointed. Taking queues from SHIVERS (one of my all time faves), we've got body horror to the tenth degree here with ex-porn star Maryl yin Chambers as a victim of a horrendous motorcycle accident receiving skin graphs that turn her into a vampiress of sorts with a 'penis' that comes out of her armpit in order to sate her thirst for blood. Men, women, whathaveyou, it just turns into an all out feast as she infects the general public of Montreal with her brand of rabies. And the casting choices are by no means an accident, as she seems to relish her role and actually does a fairly decent job as infected seductress with a need to feed. I loved it. I have plenty more to say about this one, but suffice it to say, I'm a bit too drunk to be all academic and eloquent, even though I would like to be.

Up next, I watched EMMANUEL AND THE WHITE SLAVE TRADE. No stranger to director Joe D'amato's 'black Emmanuel' films, this was a little different as we see nympho Emmanuel infiltrate a high falutin' prostituion ring for journalistic ends. Okay, maybe it's not all that different, but here we get to see a drag queen get into a kung fu fight in a bowling alley (!) and Emmanuel actually does get raped. Usually, she escapes such unpleasantness with her cunningness, but here, not so much. There's still the James Bondian elements and spy cameras hidden in zippos, and loads of gratuitous nudity and sex, but there's a pretty filthy vibe here, just because sexy Laura Gemser doesn't escape as she usually does. Good stuff none the less and her real life hubby Gabriel Tinti stars as well. I've always found it weird that these two have done so many flicks together, being as how they are just shy of prOn, but hey, they're European.

I'm currently in the midst of the Lon Chaney collection with ACE OF HEARTS but am taking a break to write this and drink some more wine. It's tragic how Chaney always loved from a distance in his films. Think about it. It's a recurring thing in all his movies. I would have loved him up close and personal.

I have to work breakfast in the morn, but I assure you, more movies will be watched and processed. As I'm watching all this glorious stuff from the seventies and even the twenties, I hate mainstream movies all the more. If I have to make one more cosmo because of all the bitches coming in my restaurant because Sex and the City 2 is playing I may kill myself. Seriously, I got an order for eight cosmos on one ticket the other night! Kill me now!


  1. Oh, I've ALWAYS wanted to see "Rabid." As a little boy I used to dream of smuggling it out of the VHS store so I could see it...and somehow, I still have not had the chance. To watch it, I mean...not smuggle it. Anyway, "Shivers" creeps me out so I'm guessing I'll love this one.

    I'm also a fan of old Joe...but haven't seen "...White Slave Trade" though I've seen more of the other fabulous titles in the Gemser collection. Anyone that's able to pretty much make the same movie over and over and still get them released is a hero in my book. And cutting in some clearly non-related hardcore porn shots doesn't hurt, either.


  2. Hi Billy! I used to look at that cover for RABID in the video store as well and wonder what in the world that tape contained. 2000 MANIACS was another one I used to obsess over. Truly, the contents must be so horrible! How could I ever bring myself to watch such things? But, man, did I want to! SHIVERS is great; one of my faves, and this didn't disappoint, although there were some pretty languid moments.

    I absolutely adore Laura Gemser! I think she's unbelievably sexy, if not a bit on the thin side. And yes, how they made the same freakin' movie over and over again and still managed to titillate is pretty darn impressive. Although I've never thought about it until now, perhaps Laura deserves a place on my skin with the rest of my movie favorites. Hmm...

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. nigel "incubator" jonesMay 30, 2010 at 5:18 PM

    Jenn, "The television screen has become the retina of the minds eye, thats why i refuse to appear on television, except on television". Thats the one i want you to be all academic, interlectual and eloquent about. I`m still waiting baby!!!.

  4. What is that, VIDEODROME? I haven't seen that one in ages, but I'll put it on the list :)

  5. nigel "incubator" jonesMay 31, 2010 at 6:11 PM

    Thanks darlin`, i always enjoy reading your reveiws and "VIDEODROME" is arguably one the greatest films of all time.