Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cool Stuff Horror and Rock Stuff I See On My Way to Work

We are back and forth to work a LOT. Being as how Sam and I work in the same restaurant and the Vespa is broken down and we both have to be there at varying times, we spend a shit ton of time in the Jetta back and forth to our bar. And we have a new scooter coming, but it won't be here until next Friday, so we are shit all out of luck as far as all our driving times are concerned, at least for another week or more. So I have to make it fun somehow. Yes, there's satellite radio and Pandora and I do make up songs about the cats more that is probably necessary to anyone but me, but there's fun stuff to see along the way of our ten minute journey to and fro.

Hence this fucking bad ass Cadillac. It's been there for months and Bruce even inquired about it's price; but alas it's not for sale. They simply leave it out front of their auto shop to taunt us repeatedly.

And that thing is so righteous, I would drive it just like that, but then they had to make me hate them even more by parking this number outside today:

I know it is partially obscured from my car seat, but let's just say it's the pristine restored convertible (!) version of the bad ass other one.

Onward! Not two blocks away, there are also awesome vehicles abounding. Take for instance this charming white Rolls Royce, that I noticed for the first time today. (Normally this auto body shop has a powder blue version of the first Caddy I treated y'all to, but I haven't seen that one in a minute.):

Then there's the street signs. Here's Spider (I know you can't see it that well, but it was hot today and I couldn't get out of the car):


and Craven. Notice the Dead End. Love it!

There's also a Hooper street, and the street across from our house is Boris Court. And there's a great creepy vintage bus for sale that we drive by too many times per day, which I always honk at because Sam wants to buy it and live in it on the weekends - the weekend being Thursday and Friday night for us :)

So yeah, there you have it - Jenn and Sam's route home from work. And if that didn't thrill you to the marrow of your bones - here, have a picture of Moochie lounging while I watched THE DESCENT: PART 2 today and another pic of a crawfish martini I created at work the other night. Surprisingly, no one wanted to drink it.

I feel like it should just rear up and start screaming on the glass, don't you?


  1. Obscured or not, I can tell that convertible is awesome. Each of those cars look like they get a double coat of wax at least once a week.

    Also, one day I can only hope to live at two cool-named cross streets: "Yes I live at the corner of Wolverine and Woodman". Woodman...haha. Sorry for being so sophomoric.

  2. Aren't those fucking cars the best? I can't even stand looking at them any more, honestly, they taunt me so. And I have to see them EVERY DAY! I drive a Jetta! Can't wait to get the new '63 scooter and have the '79 Vespa back. We need vintage vehicles in our lives!

    Haha, I wish I lived there too. Alas, I only drive by them each day :) Good enough, I suppose.

  3. Is that a real crawfish? Sorta makes the traditional tequila worm seem quaint by comparison.

  4. It is indeed a real crawfish. Sam was using it in a special jambalaya dish that night. I think it looks cool on a martini glass. The drink was sort of like a bloody mary.

  5. All the stuff you snack on, and that's gross? ;)

  6. One bartender once served me an eel shot. It was a cut off eel's head crammed down a shot glass. He had even stuck a little plastic sword with an olive on it through its mouth!
    Just looking at it almost made me throw up.

  7. Hmmm, yep, ya got me there. :) *opens another $2 package of dried squid from the Asian market and starts happily munching*

  8. @Pidde. What in the world?! Was there booze in it? Did you take it? Sometimes we get octopus at work, so this gets my brain going...hmm...what liquor goes well with octopus?

    @Astro. I could probably come up with a dried squid drink as well. But once again, no one would want to drink it.

  9. What a great post. Makes me wanna drive around my town and look for the same kinda stuff but I don't think we've got anything as cool.

  10. Great stuff! I wish where I lived had so many horror references *no jokes about Leprechaun, please*... Hope you are well! :o)