Thursday, December 16, 2010


Romans and countrypeople, lend me your Bigfoot-loving ears! My pal J. Astro, formally of the Cheap Bin, and now the proprietor of the store front known as Screen Grab, is spearheading a blog-a-thon on the almighty Yeti. And, as added incentive, as if multiple posts about all sorts of 'squatch related cinematic atrocities didn't get you goin', I may have a bit of a role in this mayhem. So check it out and tell Astro I sent ya.


  1. Wahey Jenn! Enjoyed your contribution to Sasquatchfest, I haven't seen Bigfoot but it sounds great, it's definitely on my radar now. Thanks for commenting on my Harry and the Hendersons post, hah, I LOVE that movie.


  2. Thanks, yo! I love me some Harry and the Hendersons! It's probably what got me started on my love of all things cryptozoological way back when. That, and the encyclopedias in my elementary school library, where I used to look up Bigfoot and UFOs and Loch Ness. Woohoo!