Friday, February 11, 2011

Yeti Beer

Oh Yeti, I bet your Espresso Stout is delicious, however for 9.99 a bottle, I'm going to have to pass. My Gallo Cellars pino noir is more substantial in weight and volume and only costs 7.99.


  1. Yetis + Espresso + Stout...has all the ingredients of a fine liquid refreshment...

  2. Damn. Lord knows I don't mind dropping a little extra coin for good brew (as my wife will wearily attest), but ten bucks a bottle is too rich for my blood.

    I remember years ago when the Drew Carey Show had that running joke about the beer they made with caffeine in it. Now it's available in both upscale and low-end brands. Hilarious.

  3. @LJ. Yep! I wish there had been some cool text along with it about it being brewed by yetis or something. We can't have everything, I gues.

    @Astro. Back at ya!

    @BL. I know, but ten bucks a bottle is a bit steep. Maybe when I celebrate my next sober date, hehe.

    Aren't there other beers with caffeine? I thought this was kinda a common practice...but then again, I'm not that much of a beer drinker...

  4. There are quite a few now; it's kind of a trend. The first one I personally remember seeing was some sort of concoction Red Hook and Starbuck's collaborated on back in the 90s, but most of them seem to have cropped up in just the last 5-10 years. Many are quite good, with just a touch of coffee mixed with a stout or some other dark brew.

  5. Interesting. There was the Starbucks vodka, too, which wasn't bad. Kind of a cross between Bailey's and coffee and good on ice as an after dinner drink. I think it's been discontinued.

    Gimme wine any day. Wine goes really good with a cup of coffee. And they cancel each other out so you can have it before noon :)