Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Blog-Day to Me!

It's been three years since the inception of the Cavalcade! Lots of booze, cats, Naschy, sleaze, horror, tattoos, and cats to come in 2012!


  1. Happy Blog-Day!!

    Can hardly belive it's 3 years already and looking forward to another epic year here at the Calavade of Perversions!!

  2. Happy blog birthday, Cavalcade!

    As for the new year to my blog, I'll be reviewing all 13 episodes of the obscure The Adventures of Fu Manchu tv series! That should make for a fun beginning to 2012. (If only I had the special where Paul Naschy played the Devil Doctor)

  3. Thanks, guys! I'm looking forward to 2012 and resolving to keep being awesome :P

  4. Jenn: So. You're New Year's resolution is to continue your awesomeness! I was going stop using the "F Word" so much at work (it really puts the young mothers off in the Children's Dept. at the library where I work); but I think I'll follow your lead instead. I'm now completely committed to being awesome. Fuck yeah! I'm fucking awesome, moms!

    Happy blog anniversary/birthday! May the cavalcade know many, many more years of perversions.

  5. Happy B-Day Jenn! Keep up all the good clean debauchery and fun in 2012!

  6. Keep being fucking awesome, Mykal. Effortless, really :)

    Thanks, Phantom!