Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Tattoos!

Sam and I got our first matching tattoos (with each other) tonight! Now that's how to celebrate the fucking holiday season, yo!


  1. Inked for life. Merry Christmas, Sam and jenn!

  2. Love the hourglass a much under-used design!
    Surely you've almost run out of skin now? Hope your having a bad-ass Xmas!!

  3. What is inside the little coffins? It sort of looks like an elongated skull, and sort of looks like a cross, but it's too blurry for me to make out.

  4. Elwood, I love the coffin and hour glass designs together. Classic and kinda morbid. Perfect.

    Ursula, the coffins have little upside down crosses inside. Sam's idea.

    Do you guys have any idea how difficult it is to take a picture of your hands without using your hands? This is the best we could do! :)

  5. jervaise brooke hamsterDecember 21, 2011 at 6:23 PM

    Have a great Christmas Jenn, from "The Hamster".

  6. Oh my god, brilliant! Love them. You two are so awesome.