Friday, July 9, 2010

New Banner and New Contest

Check out my beautiful new banner made for me by my sweetie Sam. As much as I love the old one (made by friend and cohort Mykal at Radiation Cinema), it's time for a new look. Aaaandddd....if you can name all the monsters in the banner without cheating, I will give you a prize. But wait, it's not that easy. You might notice the Frankenstein monster or something in there but you have to tell me which version from which movie. In other words, be as specific as possible. And no cheating! I'm looking at you, Astro, since you cheated on the last contest! :)

I'm not quite sure what the prize will be because right now I am tired, but it'll be something random and fun. Oh, and let me know what you think of the new banner or whatever else.


  1. Love the new banner, but could never win the contest without cheating(the right border gives me trouble). Good to see Dr. Phibes, Naschy and Pete Walker getting some love though.


  2. I cannot name all of them. I come close, and I appreciate the ones I can identify.

  3. I loved the end of your tagline-- Cats! Very fitting.

    Let's see, I spy Phibes, The Wolfman, Divine, a Cenobite maybe?? Driller Killer?

    P.S. did you get the new Danzig record? Good stuff.

  4. @Adam. Good start. Which Naschy wolf and which Pete Walker, though :)

    @Bill. I was really impressed with what Sam came up with. Seems I've been teaching him well and that he's been paying attention.

    @Cortez. Everything else was Sam; it was I that added the 'cats' part. No cenobite and no Driller Killer. But I'll give you a hint - there's ten 'monsters' up there. And which Wolfman and which Divine?

  5. Cheat? Meeeee? Pfft, no way, Jose. :)

    I recognize many - Phibes, what's-her-name from FRIGHTMARE, Naschy as Waldemar Daninsky, PINK FLAMINGOS' Divine... green dude I'm assuming is the Creature from the Black Lagoon? Is that little bug guy down in the right corner the Moth-monster from Peter Cushing-starring BLOODBEAST TERROR? At first I thought the chick with the shit comin' out of her mouth on the right there was Macarena Gomez from DAGON, but now I'm not so sure... the other ones, eh, I'm stumped.

    VERY awesome banner, though. This 'Adam' of yours is a most talented humanoid.

  6. @Astro. Phibes and Vulnavia, yes. Dorothy from Pete Walker's FRIGHTMARE. The Creature is correct. The little bug guy is from the Spanish poster from THE FLY (LA MOSCA), but great guess! The Divine is from her birfday party in PINK FLAMINGOES, and the girl with the snake in her mouth is from a exploitation movie from the Something Weird opening on all their DVDs, you tell me which :) Okay, you'll never get it, or maybe you would (!( - THE PEEK SNATCHERS. Any other guesses?

    Banner rules the world and we are very proud of it. Cats!

    Hey, and it's good to see you back. I've missed ya!

  7. Great review, Jenn. I've wanted to see this film for AGES! Thanks also for including those clips. Wow! It looks amazing - so off-kilter and odd. Must check it out.

    Great new banner, too!