Thursday, January 27, 2011

VHS Additions SCORE

Here are the new additions to our VHS collection:

THE NIGHT AFTER HALLOWEEN from Magnum Entertainment. Big box. I haven't seen this one, but I'm hoping it's the Ozsploitation cash in on HALLOWEEN, which is much sought after.

DR. FRANKENSTEIN'S CASTLE OF FREAKS. Another big box, but in a clamshell.

ALIEN PREDATOR from TransWorld. I know I've heard of this one, but I need more research.

THE RIPPER. Directed by Tom Savini. United World Home Video. Another big box. Can't turn down the big boxes.

THE PACK. Warner Home Video. Clamshell. Still beautiful even in that Warner Home Video packaging. Think I know of this one as well. It's gotta be werewolves. And I love me some werewolves.

KING KONG. A gatefold! From Paramount. We have ever version of any KING KONG movie known to man due an obsession of Sam's so this is extra special!

BAD GIRL'S DORMITORY. Active Home Video (?) It's a big box and it's uncut and it has bad girls and a dorm, so it's gotta be gold, right?

MASTER CLASSICS (Kung fu). Big box. USA Home Video.

SNAKE AND CRANE: ARTS OF SHAOLIN. All Seasons Entertainment. Big box.

SEVEN BLOWS OF THE DRAGON. Warner Home Video. Big box

DUEL OF THE SEVEN TIGERS. TransWorld. Big box.


SCORE, motherfuckers! It was the perfect night. We had some amazing Thai food and then went to the old school video store. It smells all gross and good like an old school video store should. And since they ain't doing so hot business-wise, they'll sell me their VHS for cheap. And it used to not be this way. I used to have to haggle and pretend I didn't know what the hell I was talking abut. I think we got all the aforementioned for like twenty bucks plus tax. Some horror for me and some Kung Fu and KONG for Sam. It's a beautiful thing! I don't even care about Kung Fu movies but if they're in a big box, I'm salivating!

And no Cavalcade post would be complete without a cat. Here's Moochie choosing his favorite of the new additions. He's going for THE RIPPER, the Tom Savini creation, because he's heard Tom's name before and wants to go for something he can talk about later and sound like he knows what he's talking about.

Moochie's like that.


  1. That's an awesome score...I'm always diving the dumpsters for quality (being a relative term) VHS tapes and find an awful lot at the Goodwill. My issue is I have so many that are sitting in boxes, then I keep buying them, and I simply have nowhere to put them all. Well, outside of a pile, that is. I've been meaning to do a post showcasing all the tapes I picked up over the summer, but I've been meaning to do that for like two months, so whatever. I'm lazy.

  2. Hey Suzaka! And thanks. And you know, I have the same problem. I've run out of room for all this stuff AND we're trying to sell our house right now. Nobody even wants to look at our house, given the piles of VHS and the creepy shit on the walls ;)

  3. Those look really cool. I love the stark artwork on "The Pack." I might have to find a 1-sheet of that film. If same is a big Chiba fan, I can't say enough good things about "Timeslip" (a.k.a. "GI Samurai) I love any movies that have killer artwork, and those 70s -8os films have plenty of great stuff. I just nailed down beautiful 1-sheets for "Alligator", & several others coming in the mail.

  4. HI Chris. I thought so, as well. I love the old boxes and their artwork. It's what got me started as a horror fan. Good job on your score as well :)

  5. ... hm, I don't wanna be the party-pooper here, but THE PACK is not werewolves, Jenn daaah-ling. Just plain ol' killer dogs. I have vague memories of this movie from when I was a kid, for some reason. Sweet finds, tho!! ;D

  6. Hi Astro. I figured that unfortunate business out for myself last night after work when I put THE PACK in my VCR and discovered Joe Don Baker as a marine biologist (!?) and some sad scenes involving abandoned dogs. I couldn't watch it :( Too sad! Oh well.

  7. I *love* that King Kong art, always one of my faves. DVD covers today can't compare...

  8. I've always kind of regretted that I phased out our VHS tapes. And by "kind of", I mean "dearly". At the time I was all about "we don't have have any more room for the new stuff!" (which was true enough) and "We haven't watched some of these in 5 or 6 years, why are we keeping them?" (which was short-sighted and lame). At least now when I do come across something I want, it can be had for a buck or so.

    Love than old video store smell. Weird mix of dust, old paper, wet carpet and less readily identifiable scents. Vaguely seedy, yet comforting.

  9. Ack, I cant decide if I am more jealous of the movies or the Thai food, Cynthia refuses to eat Thai so i havent had my Pad Thai in yeeeears.... Sad, I know!

  10. @Will. Oh, the KONG. We had a KONG watch last night but we only made it through the first tape before we both passed out. As much as I love me some Jeff Bridges, I get tired after too must ousting of the Aborigines and pino noir in the 1.5 litre.

    @Bleaux Leaux. Oh man. I might feel the same way after a year or so of getting rid of all my vinyl but as of right now, I can safely say I'm out of my NY Hardcore phase, so I might not have to regret my decision so much. I'm sorry you let go, but it happens, usually for one reason or another. We're in the market for a new place with more space so I can only speculate what my collection may grow to. As for the old video stores, I can wax eloquent for hours. Perhaps in post all its own :)

    @Carl. Hey dude. Next time I come to California, I'll take you guys out for Thai. It'll be good! Trust this!