Monday, May 30, 2011

The Count

We had Dracula auditions here at the Cavalcade this afternoon, for the all-cat rendition. It will be a musical, of course. Who wore it better?



Or Moochie

You decide!


  1. Moochie gets my vote, if only for the sullen "I'll get you for this" look on his face. :)

  2. Jenn: At first glance, it would seem Moochie is the most committed to the part. But after closer consideration, I appreciate Tuna's relaxed, confident way in front of the camera.

    I'm guessing over the long Tuna might be easier to work with, which will pay off big dividends if the project goes over budget and the set gets stressful.

  3. I think Deniro wore it the best. She was pretty pissed and the costume looks like it's eating her head. You're right, though, Mykal. Tuna was way more relaxed. In fact, he could have really cared less, as long as I didn't make him move too much.

  4. Awesome! Such a tough call though. Excellent cat acting.
    Deniro looks like she’s seriously considering the internal machinations of the character. However, I completely appreciate the spirit of Tuna’s interpretation. Moochie’s performance is very centred, it’s all in the eyes with Moochie’s. (I do suspect Moochie may be unspeakably mad at you).
    Must show my husband this. He’s been threatening an all cat version of Hamlet for years. This should inspire him to get that dream off the ground.

  5. Is it just me, or does Moochie look hungover? :) This is the cat version of the "sharpie moustache on your drunk friends" prank. ;)

  6. You know, Deniro does have a kind of James Dean emotive quality to his audition. He seems completely vulnerable - way out there on an emotional limb. In short, a very brave performance.

  7. Ha! Deniro is really hateful on a lot of levels. But then she'll be really nice, like when she wants me to turn the faucet water on for her. An emotional cat indeed :)

  8. Tuna's to-cool-for-school indifference is just the quality I'd be looking for.