Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dear Glenn,

Dear Glenn, thank you for letting us come to your show tonight. It was nice to see you when I wasn't staggering through a blackout, as is so often the case when I've come to see you in the past. A good time was had by my company and myself and I happened noticed several things in my lucid state.

People still really like 'MOTHER.' I think everyone paid thirty bucks just to see you guys do that one. They also really like the stuff off Danzig I. But why wouldn't they? It's your best stuff as Danzig and you guys should totally do one of those tours where you play Danzig I in its entirely.

I also noticed that as you sweat, your hair is really thinning. It's almost to Crypt Keeper levels. But I commend you for still rocking the long hair. I'm quite disappointed though, that you didn't wear the black fishnet shirt. You opted for a more conservative black muscle tee. I suppose the mesh isn't as flattering these days. So be that.

Your fans these days have the collective IQ of negative five. The crowd was almost at a Slayer-fan-level IQ. Almost. We did meet a charming gentleman outside who just recently, as in before the show, discovered you used to sing for The Misfits. We acted way too cool and didn't dignify that one with a response. I also made friends with a seventeen year old in a tuxedo that had left his date at the prom to come see you. That is dedication. How his date felt about it, I've no idea.

I still really like CIRCLE OF SNAKES. I liked it back in 2005 and I like it still. That chorus on 'BLACK ANGEL/WHITE ANGEL' is pretty fucking awesome. I don't even consider it a guilty pleasure, but a real one. I do not, however, really want to see any of the songs off DETH RED SABAOTH performed live again. They are okay on the record and I was about to say this was a return to form of sorts for you, but then I heard these live (and sober). I'll still listen to the record. But reconsider that Danzig I tour, would ya?

It was also interesting to hear of your food choices, as my friend works for the catering services at the venue, and I am very interested in these sorts of things. I heard you had chicken and broccoli and the only stipulation on your food rider was no seafood. I guess you are from Lodi and there isn't really good seafood in Jersey. Makes sense. It was also fun to hear that you were the first one to the catering line, as my friend said the headliners don't usually come down to eat until after the openers. You were first in line. You need a full tummy to perform well. I understand that.

I AM DEMON is a great song for an encore. Thanks for not being predictable and making MOTHER the encore. SHE RIDES would have been another excellent choice.

Again, thanks for letting us come. I know you're like in your mid-fifties now and shit, but this Danzig line-up is pretty solid, way more solid than the current incarnation of the Misfits. I know both bands have been more brand that band for over a decade or so now, but at least you still seem somewhat serious and still committed. The last time I saw the Misfits, everything was sped up to unrecognizable levels and Jerry's ego overtook the room. But I'm sure you grow weary of hearing about Jerry's exploits of late, even though you and Doyle are still on good terms. Think about maybe doing SKULLS again next time, since you performed it in 2005 on the CIRCLE OF SNAKES tour. Which was awesome.

Love, Jenn

P.S. I know you probably don't remember, but I met you on that '05 tour and you were just as everyone describes. Interpret that as you may.


  1. Oh yes, Danzig is a lover of cats. I think he has four and they're all rescues. Speaking of four cats, I'm surrounded by that many on the couch as we speak =^..^=

  2. The appetite people seem still have for Danzig 1 baffles me. I hate the sound of that album, and the songs are just so-so. Danzig 4 is my choice for the omni-textural masterpiece, but Danzig 5 will forever be my favorite. I've never seen him live, in fact, I've only attended two concerts in 39 years, but that's mainly because unless he's punching people at the side of the stage, I don't want good songs tainted by bad breath(lessness).
    Is Johnny Kelly still in the band?

  3. Oh, I love that first record. It's got all the hits. III is also a favorite of mine. I like the ballad-y stuff.

    Really, only two concerts in almost forty years?

    Which do you consider five? Blackaciddevil or Satan's Child? Is there a five? Am I just showing my ignorance? Was that his weird industrial phase?

    Yes, Johnny Kelly is still in the band. It's been the same lineup now since Circle of Snakes, I want to say.

  4. Danzig 5 is officially Blackacidevil, and yes, it's the one that is heavy with industrial influence. I just love everything about it from beginning to end. His voice was still as crisp and strong as it ever was, and I think the album is loaded with atmosphere. I think Johnny Kelly's a perfect fit for Danzig. He was great in Type O Negative, but I kinda felt he could've shone brighter. Deth Red Sabaoth is so great. Too bad the songs didn't seem to sit well with you live.
    Going to live shows has never interested me all that much. I saw Whitesnake when I was 16, and went to see Nile two years ago.

  5. Okay, glad I'm on the same page with you. I've never heard anyone say Blackacidevil was their favorite. Everyone's too busy living in the wake of I. I thought DRS was good when it came out last year (we saw them on that initial tour as well) and I listen to it on my iPod frequently, but those songs (mainly Ju-ju Bone and Hammer of the Gods) fell really flat in front of an audience. No Black Candy, thank goodness, as I think that is the weakest point of the album.

    A good friend of mine doesn't like live music either. I've taken her to a handful of shows and concerts over the years and she's always bored. Even if it's a band she really enjoys otherwise.

    Is there any other band you would go see at this point?

  6. Danzig 1-3 are pretty great. Still play them on a semi-regular basis, but the later albums never interested me. Good post!

  7. I'm with you... Danzig I is the business. Is Doyle still coming out to play Misfits songs with Glenn these days? Did he play any Misfit songs at all?

    Last time I saw Danzig, he was rocking the black mesh shirt, and truthfully he probably shouldn't have. Glad to see he's dressing a little more practical these days, while still keeping it evil.

  8. Jenn: there isn't anyone I'd like to see, really. I just don't enjoy the whole concert-going experience.

    Black Candy is my favorite song on that album, and I could (and have) listen to it on repeat for hours.


  9. @lee. Me too! Thanks for stopping by!

    @anthony. I think Doyle might have come out last year when Gorgeous Frankenstein opened, but he was nowhere to be seen Friday. I have only seen Danzig do Skulls and that was back in 2005. So no Misfits this time.

    @scandy. We are really at odds when it comes to these albums/songs :) It's like we like two completely different bands. Or maybe you're just saying that to fuck with me? Let's agree that Danzig has a little something for both us of us, then?

  10. @anthony. I was too blacked out after Gorgeous Frankenstein played, so I don't much recall the Danzig set that night. Oh well.

  11. I got to see Danzig last year in Little Rock, probably his first (and likely last) time here. It was a great show--the Duke and I were impressed by his belting-ability (song-wise, not clothing...though come to think of it...) He can still really power out a tune. Plus, he had someone bounced from the pit during the LAST pre-encore song, then spent the entire 3-song encore hurling invective and the now-absent party-pooper. I still don't know what the dude did to piss Glenn off, but I admit that was precisely the sort of thing I'd hoped to see from him. :)

    As to favorite albums, II was always my most-played--love "Long Way Back from Hell" and "Tired of Being Alive"--though I liked 1-4 to almost equal levels. Never able to get into 5, as I'm not a big industrial fan and felt that Glenn's powerful bluesiness got lost in the mix. But to each his own.

    A lot of aging legends are coming through LR these days--in fact, Wednesday night I'm going to see MOTORHEAD right here in my hometown! And some other band too...something about the battle against Foo, whatever. :P Lemmy is the draw for me. :)

  12. Howdy, Scott! I think I remember last year when you guys went to see Danzig. There was a lot of security at the show this time around and lots of kids were being thrown out, but mostly for taking pictures. Glenn does not like to have his picture taken, apparently. Understandably, I guess, since he is a pretty private person. For a rock star. Who performs on a stage. For a living. What do I know, you know? :)

    Oh, how I love Tired of Being Alive. He had Randy from Lamb of God come out and finish up the encore with him on that track. It was AMAZING!

    Motorhead, alas, didn't play here. The closest they came was Charlotte, NC and a couple of my bar regulars went and said it was freakin' fantastic. I haven't seen Motorhead since I was about sixteen, so I wouldn't mind seeing them again before I die.

    And Wednesday, we are going to see Social Distortion! I am promising again not to black out and actually enjoy the show this time! I am on a roll!

    Good to hear from you!

  13. Danzig shows are always a good time.

    Jenn, have you heard about the Danzig bricks incident? Hilarious. Give it a read here:

  14. Hi Cortez! I remember this sort of...the whole 'bricks' thing. So funny. And I do love the Google maps photo of Glenn washing his Jaguar. Almost as much as I love the photo I used for this post, of him with the kitty litter. There's another of that set that has him getting into the Jag. He would drive a Jag.

  15. I love Deth Red Sabaoth, and a year after its release I'm still spinning it regularly. When he came to Buffalo he played a lot of that album and it was great and busted out stuff from the first four albums. It was a really well-rounded set.

    P.S. Dig your blog.

  16. Deth Red Saboath is great. I'm still playing that album heavily and I think it stacks up well against his first four albums. He played a lot of those songs when I saw him in November as well as lots of stuff from the first four. I think he's really hit a second wind in his career.

    PS like your blog.

  17. Hi Eric! I must say, DRS has really grown on me! I wasn't sure last year when it came out, but I was really stoked to see them play again and it didn't disappoint, really. Rue Morgue didn't put him on the cover and claim him to be the best comeback for nothin' back in January, I suppose :)

    thanks for stopping by!

  18. Wait....
    Are you saying that you saw Glenn Danzig, and he DIDN'T play "Mother"???
    What a rip off.

    Your story reminds me of when I saw Nine Inch Nails last year. You could tell that it was time for Trent to pack it up...and he did!

  19. Well, I just won a pair of tickets to see Danzig/Doyle perform together - yeah, he's getting old, but from all the videos I've seen he can still rock it.

    As for his looks - hey, we can't all be Brad Pitt, forever perfect! You've got some fuckin' attitude. (ya get that? I stuck that Misfits reference in there? Damn, I'm good!)