Monday, October 5, 2009

Playin' Tattoo Shop

After a giant margarita that defeated me horribly - that thing was delicious and peach flavored and literally the size of my head and I could only drink half of it, this is a first, trust me - Bruce and I went to Target for lack of anything better to do. And we found temporary Halloween tats for a buck. So I bought two packs and we headed back home to drink wine and see what it would look like for me to have knuckle tattoos, since I want them so bad. But we had to set up shop first.

Here's the unopened pack. Notice the sweet tribal with cartoon Frankenstein monster head. Very spooky. And very hardcore. Nothing says cool tattoo like sweet tribal.

Above is our shop. We're very clean, no dirty needles around here.

Here's my finished knuckle ink. It's pretty cool, as you can maybe see. I've got a spider web complete with spider, a bat, a black kitty, two jack o'lanterns (on is upside down), a franken head, a cutie skull with a pink bow, and candy corn. I actually have all of this stuff tattooed on me for reals, but I thought it looked cool on my knuckles for one dollar. It actually kinda fits. So cool.

Here's another one of me - very punk, I know.

This one's pretty cute. Damn, I really want to get my fingers tattooed now. A few people called while we were in the middle of this project and after the requisite 'what are you doings' I replied, getting my knuckles tattooed. To which everyone exclaimed, are you really? You didn't tell me you had a tattoo appointment today! No, silly bears, I'm at home drinking wine and putting el cheapo temp tattoos on me. I also put a bat on my face right underneath my eye. But since I'm not wearing makeup, I don't want to put a closeup of my face on the internet right now.

Okay, but we're not done. Bruce still needs some sick ink.

Admit it - this is the fuckin' coolest armband that was ever committed to skin. It's bats and candy corn. You know you want to go get this same armband tattooed on you now.

But still, there are more people here than just Bruce and me. And by people, I of course mean cats. Moochie decided to come to our shop for his first ink. We were more than happy to oblige. Tuna came with him for support. He was there to hold Moochie's paw if it hurt.

Here's Moochie choosing his design.

World renowned temporary tattoo artist Bruce prepares Moochie's design.

Moochie's a trooper; no complaining from him.

The finished piece - Moochie inevitably chose a bat with some sweet pink tribal in the background. I must say, Bruce is very talented at what he does.

Here's a closeup.

A very satisfied Moochie displays his new tat. He's got tattoo fever now and can't stop talking about all the sweet ink he's going to get in the future. Next stop, dolphin with a yin yang eye tramp stamp. Or maybe a unicorn with a skull face. He hasn't really decided.

No cats were harmed in the making of this blog post. In fact, Moochie was very happy to be part of it and purred through most of the temporary tattoo application. Mostly because we let him sit on the counter.


  1. Most amusing! :D How'd you guys get the temp tat to stay on the furriness?? (...of the cat, I mean, not your knuckles. Ha)

  2. It just adhered to his fur with the washcloth. We had to cut it out with the scissors (my grandfather always called them THE scissors) after we were done because he kept licking at it, but ultimately, he didn't really care. He likes when we put him on the internet and he can be part of the blog-i-verse.

  3. Moochie is obviously not a cat you want to run into in a dark alley. I mean, tribal tattoo: he's tougher than the rest.

    But seriously he's adorable.

  4. Thanks, Adam. Yeah, he's one tough cookie. He'll probably have full sleeves before we know it.

  5. Looks like you guys had yourselves a pretty awesome night. Wine, movies AND temp tats!? Rock. Hope all is well. ;)

  6. Jenn: Moochie looks absolutely pleased with himself. Personally, I think Moochie would look spectacular with the traditional "Hot Stuff" little devil tat up near his left shoulder. -- Mykal

  7. Thanks guys. We did have an awesome night and Mykal, I'll tell Moochie your nice thoughts and your tattoo suggestion ;P

  8. Hehehehe, you and the Mooch are total badasses!