Sunday, November 8, 2009

Update: The Death Rattle - New URL

Hey guys, if you follow Aaron's blog The Death Rattle, he's changed the url. It's now and what you need to do if you follow his blog (which you should) is unsubscribe and then follow him again at the new aforementioned url. Otherwise you don't get to see his awesome reviews and whathaveyou. Carl over at I Like Horror Movies should also be instructing ya'll to do the same. Alright, guys, thank you, and now I have to go take people eggs for like six hours. Otherwise, I would NOT be up this fucking early.

Here, have a picture of Moochie in the fridge. He has a refrigeration fetish. Weirdo.


  1. jervaise brooke hamsterNovember 9, 2009 at 9:41 AM

    Moochie looks so cool in the fridge.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about Aaron. Your cat is amazing...

  3. Hey Becky, no problem, gotta help my brotha out.

    Moochie is my baby! Stick around, I speak of him and his siblings often :)

  4. Thanks for the link, I wondered where the hell he'd disappeared to....