Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Welcome to the Odditorium! Easily this year's highlight from the Virginia State Fair, I give you the sideshow, old-school-as-hell-as-it's-intended-to-be, in the form of a museum with the live acts taking place on stage. The hot blond chick (subject to opinion, hehe) in some of the pics is me and I'm, sadly, not part of the exhibit. Sam didn't get pics of the Feegee Mermaid they had on display (much to my chagrin, read: bitching) on the account of his camera being wonky. Another member of our party did, and I await the awesome pics he has for us. Until then, let these awesome taxidermy gaffs and so forth speak for themselves. More in store....


  1. Awesome! I love your posts on visits to this fair, Jenn.

  2. Thanks, James. I love the fair! I've been going since I was born and I never miss a year!

  3. This was at a state fair? Jesus. Whatever happened to pig calling contests and the best preserves competition?

    Well, since you force me to look, I gotta say that one platinum blonde with the ring-extended neck (next to the plate-lipped Nubian princess) is pretty cool.

    Live acts on stage? Soooeee!!

  4. Yes, Mykal. All this was at our local state fair. They do have pig races and best quilt competitions and all that, but we don't care about all that shit, now do we? We seek out the crazy shit. And this year's sideshow did not disappoint. In fact, there was a torture king/sword swallower, a bed of nails trick, and all the other ten-in-one gags to be had. All in the same space as the Odditorium. It was glorious! More pictures to come!