Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow! In the South! This calls for a Broom Attack!

While not horror related, I felt the need to share this picture of me attacking my car with a broom after yesterday's ten inches of snowfall. I'm in the South, not too, too far South, mind, I'm in Richmond, VA, but still! Ten inches of snow is a lot of for us, in a town that rarely sees a flurry. There's a joke here about whenever the weather predicts snow, there's no bread or milk to be found in the city. It's true. I went to Food Lion Sunday night and people were freaking out. There wasn't a loaf of bread to be had in the store and all the organic milk was gone. However, in horror-related news, I'm slated to go to Fango's Weekend of Horrors this weekend in Chicago and I'm hoping the snow doesn't keep me from making my appearance there on Friday. I haven't nerded it up at a con in ages, and I'm super duper excited to get the eff out of town for a few days and hang out around other super nerdy horror movie minded individuals. And we got the 'gold' tickets, so we can sit right up in Romero's face while he talks about zombies and other stuff that George Romero talks about. So yeah. Updates will abound upon my return, and maybe a post before then, if I don't drink too much wine and pass out (again) trying to watch Emmanuelle and the Last Cannibals. And while I've enjoyed the last two days off of work away from my horrible (and not in a good way) students, I'm ready to attack Christian with a broom if I don't get out of the house!

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