Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Double Agent 73

There's much to love about Doris Wishman's sleazy parody of the spy film. So let's just get right to it, shall we?

1. The overly busty Chesty Morgan plays special agent Jane Renee. She's basically a ramped up fetishist's dream. Her tits are GI-normous, she has a relatively attractive face, although she does kinda look like a day-shift, about to be past her prime, stripper. Luckily, I love almost past their prime day shift strippers.

2. She can take pictures with her boobs via an implanted camera. She also uses them as weapons, in slow motion, no doubt.

3. Her shoes are fantastic! Platforms and towering heels. I also love the lingering shots of them. (This is sort of a Wishman signature - as I've seen the lingering feet shot in several of her films.)

4. The line 'you'll never get away with this!' Easily one of my favorite lines to hear in anything.

5. An anonymous heroin ring, fronted by a guy with a HUGE birthmark on his face and fake Russian accent! Anonymous!

6. Exploding lipstick.

7. Mad-cap car chases.

8. An overall blatant disrespect of the law.

9. Leopard wall paper and zebra sheets! Was this filmed in my house?

10. Death by earring, phone cord, and ice cube choking (three different deaths).

11. A pretty violent shower stabbing.

12. Plenty of mustachioed, Jess Franco-lookalike villains.

13. And her tits are also poisonous.

If you are uninitiated to Wishman yet, this might be a hilarious way to get you going. Literally.