Sunday, December 9, 2012

RIP Paul

Has it really been over three years since my Paul passed away?

Happy Fishmas!

Perverts! I miss you! I'm still watching movies and drinking and fucking shit up like I always do! I'm bartending my face off and still teaching school and hanging out as is my custom. I'm getting ready to have my Christmas horror movie marathon and I'm also headed out to Vail, Colorado for a week or so to see if I wanna move there. I don't know how the snow will fare with my six inch platform boots and my glitter and my furry leopard coat, but we'll see. It seems kinda crunchy for my punk rock taste, but whatever.

Life is okay and I'm up to eight cats now. Work continues to be work and movies continue to be movies. I'm looking forward to Cinema Wasteland in April as Bill from Radiation Scarred Reviews has booked a bunch of us a room. I'm stoked on meeting everyone in person and getting back in my blogging groove. Put on your tacky Christmas sweaters, pour some wine, and get those SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT VHS tapes poppin' Love you guys.