Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a really Happy Halloween, even though I live every day like it's Halloween, it's always nice to have the actual day come around so I don't seem so weird. Oh, fuck it, you know I love being a weirdo. Above is October Timothy inspecting the pumpkin I brought home for jack o'lantern purposes.

October approves the pumpkin and deems it ready for carving. We did carve it and I ended up with a serious a buzz and then burnt my arm trying to light the damn thing. That's what I call a successful Halloween Eve!

You perverts have a good one - We're off to the nation's capital to see Dethklok! How one sees Dethklok live is unbeknownst to me, but it should be fun!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Cool-Ass Halloween Cookies

Check out these cool cookies I found at the grocery store! The top one is supposedly a werewolf, but really, doesn't it look more like a sasquatch? Or some sort of retarded bear? I kinda don't even want to eat the poor guy, but you know all that icing is going to be damn delicious.

Then I found this dude - a gingerbread pumpkin guy and I've already eaten most of his legs. Which were really, really tasty. In fact, my mouth is watering for his torso. Literally. And he goes really good with pino noir. Pleasant surprise.

Finally, here's the cookie incarnation of Dracula. There was an unfortunate accident in transport, seems like he wasn't traveling in his own earth or whatever, and his side got mostly squished. I guess I'm just going to have to help him shuffle off his immortal coil and gobble him up.

I'm totally the Queen of Halloween today - I got these literal cookie monsters, baked two pumpkin pies, bought a pumpkin, am currently in the process of carving it, and am also roasting the seeds. I'm also having a werewolf movie marathon and just finished THE HOWLING. Gonna follow that up with Hammer's CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF and drink more pino noir and hopefully get this jack o'lantern carved without anyone requiring medical attention. Something about me and knives and carving up squash, I just get stabby. Happy Halloween Eve, ya'll!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

S&M Hunter Review Up at The Death Rattle

Hey perverts, go check out my review for S&M HUNTER over at Aaron's blog, The Death Rattle. You'll totally love it and beg me for more. As usual. Love you!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mr. Vampire

Hello, everyone, this is Aaron from The Death Rattle doing a guest review here on Jenn's blog. This review is for a surprisingly hilarious movie we watched yesterday: MR. VAMPIRE.

In Mr. VAMPIRE, a martial artist/mortician and his two bumbling students/assistants battle zombies, hopping vampires, non-hopping zombie vampires, and a succubus. The film is a horror comedy directed by HK horror film-maker Ricky Lau, and there's a huge emphasis on the "comedy" part here in MR. VAMPIRE. Trust me when I say that this movie is hilarious, and not necessarily in a "you have to understand the Asian sense of humor to think it's funny" kinda way (which is common to a lot of Japanese comedy/horror comedy that I've seen), but in a universal, almost American style of comedy with the exception of a couple of scenes involving some actual cultural aspects.

Going into the movie I knew pretty much nothing about it and neither did Jenn, so we were both surprised to see how "all over the place" this movie was in terms of what it had to offer (and don't forget Vivi's and my horrible hangover confusing things either - Ed.). The lead character Master Gau (played by HK action star/stunt man Ching-Ying Lam) is your typical, hard-assed martial arts instructor, and I guess you could say that he's also the titular Mr. Vampire character. His character, in a way, reminded me of a more comedic version of Rupert Everett's Francesco Dellamorte character from CEMETERY MAN. The similarities of the two characters weren't so much in personality but because of the obstacles they faced in their respective movies. Both men oversaw dead bodies and had to deal with the occasional corpse who absolutely refused to die. More so in Dellamorte's case, but you know what I mean. And while Dellamorte only had the companionship of his bizarre assistant Gnaghi, Master Gau had two much younger goofballs assistants who provided the comic relief of the film.

There are a few different things about the plot that keep it moving along and, more importantly, keep it interesting. One of Master Gau's assistants is being seduced by a succubus and the other is slowly turning into a vampire, all while a demonic vampire zombie creature is on the loose. Gau's role in the film is to keep his two young apprentices in line and keep them focused on the bigger picture, which is the destruction of the demonic vampire zombie thing. I think. I won't lie, the plot was a little confusing, but that's pretty much the gist of it. Quite honestly, it doesn't even really matter. This movie has martial arts, slapstick comedy and violence, zombies, vampires, and a succubus, so who gives a shit about the plot? MR. VAMPIRE brings a lot of different things to the table, but it nails pretty much everything that it tries to throw at you and never does a half assed job of anything, especially the comedy.

One thing you can definitely expect from MR. VAMPIRE is bad dubbing, but in this case I'm pretty sure that the dubbing was awful on purpose. There's a female character (a Chinese character... duh) with a British accent and another female character with what sounds like an Irish accent. Neither make any sense and the accents hav

e absolutely nothing to do with the characters. Randomness, people. Randomness is always the key to victory. Master Gau's voice is that of the whitest man you could ever imagine. Well, not like Napoleon Dynamite white, but Clark Kent white, I guess.

The funniest thing about the movie, in my opinion, was the fact that the characters in the movie, mainly Master Gau, broke the fourth wall on a few occasions and acknowledged the fact that they were in a low budget movie. The most hilarious of which was a scene where Gau commanded that his newly-infected vampire assistant "break dance" on a table covered with white rice (pure white rice apparently sucks out toxins and is somewhat of a home remedy for a vampire cure). When his assistant asked "why", Gau nonchalantly replied "I don't know, it's in the script".

Ultimately, MR. VAMPIRE is more of a comedy than it is a horror movie and it's definitely worth checking out. It got rave reviews from everyone in the room that saw it (ViVi says it's super number one!) and even Jenn's cats loved it (actually they didn't, but this wouldn't be a proper Cavalcade of Perversions post without mentioning one of her cats at least once). That's about it, people. If you dig martial arts flicks, comedy that borders on parody, and unconventional approaches on the vampire lore, then MR. VAMPIRE is your huckleberry. Now go follow my blog, you scum.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday and Happy GWAR Day!

Just so happens that the two coincide (FINALLY! I feel like I've been waiting for this FOREVER) and I'm about to leave for my bday dinner and GWAR debauchery here in about a half an hour. The day has certainly been fun-filled and I even attempted to make a birthday cake for myself in the shape of a coffin, which sorta kinda worked and then I made cupcakes and iced them horribly, but whatever. I was going to post pics but since my baking is so utterly horrendous, I won't. And it looked so cool in my head! I was imagining this amazing purple and black coffin with crosses on it and the icing lookin' all good. But nope, not even close. I'll post a picture of Moochie wearing a Halloween jester collar instead. Drink one for me!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Night, Mo-fo's!

Boils and ghouls, perverts and voyeurs, it's been a long fucking Friday as usual. It has been very rainy and cold here in VA's capital city, thus making traffic through my restaurant very slow, which is somehow more tiring than being busy and running around all day. I drank four shots of espresso from four until six and only felt more tired!

So guess what I'm doing now? Go ahead, guess! Three guesses, the first two don't count. You guys are so effin' smart - I'm drinking pino noir and gazing at copious amounts of felines run around, contemplating tonite's feature presentation.

But my slow day at the office, so to speak, wasn't all for naught. In fact, I compiled quite the list of reasons why I love Chris Sarandon and why I think he's an unsung genre veteran. I'll give you your Lance Henricksens and your Tom Adkinses, give me that sensible-slacks and turtleneck sweater wearing hardass Christopher Sarandon.

Bow down; the following are the reasons CS is freakin' awesome.

1. He was in FRIGHT NIGHT. He is a vampire named Jerry Dandridge in FRIGHT NIGHT. What kind of fucking name for a vampire is Jerry Dandridge? That sounds like some guy that's gonna sell me insurance. But no, CS makes it cool. Yes, he's about as unsexy as a vampire as Don Knotts, but he does the role justice. He's effectively sleazy and creepy, even in his sweater and slacks, and his coffin is cool and he's got the guy from HOUSE as his lackey. And he's a smart ass and slow dances with Marcy from Married with Children in an 80's night club while no one else is slow dancing, before turning her into a vampire.

FRIGHT NIGHT is lots of fun, despite what Aaron thinks. It's got lots of practical effects and CS is in it, so you should just watch it right now. At least revisit if you haven't in awhile.

2. CS is in CHILD'S PLAY. Now, I know what you're thinking. *in a snooty, sarcastic voice* Oh, Jenn, CHILD'S PLAY? Surely you jest. My tastes are waaay too sophisticated to appreciate a killer doll movie. Well, I don't care AND I beg to differ. CHILD'S PLAY stars CS as a hardboiled detective wearing his trademark sweater and slacks (never have I used the word 'slacks' so much, or at all, in a post) AND Brad Dorif as the serial killer/voice of Chucky. I shouldn't even have to tell you all this shit - it should be ingrained in your horror movie lovin' brains.

While CS isn't as prominently featured in CP as he is in FN, he's still spectacular and wonderful and his hair remains perfected coiffed even after Chucky's stabs him in the leg and he does absolutely NOTHING to save Andy and his mom.

As a quick aside on CP, the dude that wrote it is from Richmond, holla! And although I enjoyed it as a played straight killer doll flick, I still think Ronny Yu saved the series when he took it over from Tom Holland and made it more of a comedy. This has nothing to do with CS, but I really don't give a fuck, because this is my blog and I do what I want.

3. CS is the voice of Jack Skellington. While I'm not fifteen any more (that's how old I was when this movie came out - I dated myself again), I still relish the NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS and think it's aesthetic is cool as shit. I have NIGHTMARE pajamas, as well as sheets, and my nightlight in my room is Jack's head. Yes, I need a nightlight. Do you have any idea how many horror movies I watch? My ex has an AMAZING collection of NIGHTMARE stuff, including this really cool big Oogie Boogie. Gosh, I'm just the queen of tangents tonite.

4. CS was in THE SENTINEL, a veritable powerhouse of a movie. You name a motherfucker and that fucker is in this movie. Jerry Orbach? Check. Christopher Walken? Check. The mom from VACATION? Check. Chris Sarandon? Check motherfuckin' please. AND this film boasts a cat birthday party in which the birthday cat is situated in a high chair wearing a party hat and gold lame bib. Tell me that is not cool as all holy hell? In fact, I remember little else about this movie other than the fact that CS stars in it and there is a cat birthday party.

That's all I got right now, people. I need a cig and some more wine and it might help if I ate something. I'm delirious from the three day's work I've been forced to work (I KNOW!). And I'm waiting on a phone date. If I have any more movies involving CS, I'll add them to the comments section. Love you all and happy Friday, as per the usual.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Bride of Frankenstein

I had some time to kill before I went to the hell that is my restaurant job and figured I should spend some time with Universal's only iconic female monster since I hadn't in awhile. Also, what better time than the Halloween season to refer back to those old horror classics? She's beautiful, she might have just been deadly had she been allowed to live, and she graces my flesh for all eternity, she's the BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN!

I fell in love the Bride when my grandma let me watch some Universal movies on TV when I was about nine or ten and I've loved her ever since, but I hadn't REALLY come back to this film for quite some time. I don't know why - I watch that creature do his thing in that black lagoon place several times a year, same for that whiny werewolf guy (ooh, sorry, don't mean to offend - that SENSITIVE werewolf guy), but I don't relish the same attention on the Bride for whatever reason. And I absolutely LOVE her! Yesterday, I was, as they say, in the mood.

This isn't just a good horror film; this is a great film as far as films go. I spend 99.99 percent of my time on horror movies, hands down. Once in awhile I'll watch an indie flick or some other stupid thing or whatever, but I didn't minor in film studies for nothing (well, I guess I really did since I bring people food instead of expounding on film for money, but you get it) and I know a good movie when I see one. For one of those silly 'horror' themed movies, this is the pinnacle of excellence. From the score to the sets, to the costuming to the storyline, to the superb acting by a talented cast (which is worth repeating ;)), it don't get much better than this, people.

I'm assuming most of us here know the tale, but a quick (?) recap for those who need BRIDE 101. BofF (1935) is director James Whale's sequel to his 1931 masterpiece, FRANKENSTEIN, the film that made Boris Karloff a household name back then, as well as horror icon today, an indisputable fact if there was one.

BofF is, in many ways, a superior film to its original, something that is somewhat of an anomaly, especially in horror, as any horror fan worth his or her salt knows all too well. Shit, even my mom probably knows this about horror movies and sequels (in general as well). Four years before BofF, FRANKENSTEIN had rocketed the careers of both Karloff and Whale and when approached by Hollywood to make another monster, Whale was hesitant at first. He had a love-hate relationship with his monster movies (he also directed THE INVISIBLE MAN and I think Claude Rains was supposed to appear as Karl - Dwight Frye's character in the Bride but it didn't happen and I can't remember why), and wanted to be taken more seriously (but let's face it, money was probably a factor, too), having been a theatrical stage persona in Britain before arriving in Hollywood.

The result for BofF was Whale having complete control and a great deal more money to work with in this particular outing for Universal. He could lavish attention on the sets, he could hire an all-British cast of his choosing (and what a cast it was! - we'll get to that in a second), and he could play with the story elements, because Whale was, as you see when you know what he insisted on including, a man with a great deal of imagination.

The film begins with a prologue, again at Whale's insistence, with a young and beautiful and well-endowed, IYKWIM, Mary Shelley (played by a young and beautiful Elsa Lancaster), Percy Shelly, and Lord Byron expounding one dark and stormy night how a delicate creature such as Mary could have conceived of the horror of Frankenstein. Mary quips at them a bit and then they urge her to continue her tale because the first had ended so abruptly. Mary smiles sweetly and obliges and thus begins the BofF.

The prologue is excellent and sets the tone for the film, a film told by a woman. Mary is presented as sweet and beautiful, but with a dark side, kinda like me ;P She's afraid of storms and lighting, but has no problem telling the men stories about cadavers and crypts and Monsters. She says, "...such an audience needs something stronger than a pretty little love story, so why shouldn't I write of monsters?"

The actual film picks up right after the first film ends. The monster has been brought to 'justice' by an angry torch toting mob because there's really no other kind of justice than angry mob justice, and Henry Frankenstein (reprising his role from the first and playing it to a nervous, hand ringing tee by Colin Clive) has seemingly perished in the melee, along with his abominable creation. Henry is taken back to his homestead, where a tearful Elizabeth (the beautiful ingenue Valerie Hobson) awaits. Seems that this night was to be their wedding night.

All is not lost, however, as Henry isn't really dead after all and he and Elizabeth decide he's done with the mad scientist racket and that they'll be married and then go away, leaving all this business about playing God behind them. Seems it just ain't all it's cracked up to be. But before you can say Here Comes the Bride, a creepy old flamboyant eccentric, Dr. Pretorious (played to with much gay aplomb by an old friend of Whale's from his stage days, Ernest Thessinger), shows up and seduces Henry away from Elizabeth with the prospect that he has created life.

Here's where it really starts to get interesting. It's really a complex tale and a great deal of subtext to be argued. We've got the constructed woman in the Bride, but more on that in a second, once we get to her creation scene. But this film can also function as a metaphor for the moral responsibilities of parenthood and as an abortion debate, the concept of asexual reproduction or even homosexual reproduction, and even more subversive ideas about reproduction in general. There's certainly homosexual presences in front of the camera here, but behind it as well as in front of it, Whale having been openly homosexual in the 30's. There's a lot going on here, and not to get all AS A WOMAN on your asses, but let's unpack some of this stuff (that's my teacher talk - not 'asses' but 'unpack.' That made me LOL. I should stop. We're being serious here, lots of critical analysis and what have you.).

So Pretorious comes to get Henry and immediately is able to seduce him away from Elizabeth, with the prospects of SCIENCE, another reason to love the hell out of this movie. I'm a sucker for SCIENCE, especially of the MAD variety, and this film has its share. Pretorious has been hard at work creating life, namely these cute little guys that live in jars, a king, a queen, a mermaid, and a baron, his babies, as it were. It's a great scene and one that smacks of Whale's creativity and talent. Henry's hooked, but conflicted, and agrees somewhat reluctantly to help Pretorious find a way to bring an artificially created brain to life.

Meanwhile, Henry's bastard son is out 'terrorizing' the countryside. In the Monster's fleeing from the angry villagers, he meets a blind and companionship starved hermit in the woods. Being as how the hermit can't see, he isn't afraid of the Monster and the two begin a relationship - the hermit introducing the Monster to the pleasures of smoking and drinking, kinda like your older friend when you first went to college, and the Monster is all the more grateful for it. Seems these two have finally found exactly what they need in each other. One could argue that this is the only really successful and happy relationship in the film, a relationship between two males (although, and this is something I've pondered for awhile, how is it that monsters are male or female, really? I mean, I guess it's through language and prescribed gender roles already in place, but seriously, I might be getting ahead of myself, but this enters into the reproduction debate WRT this movie and monsters reproducing in general), in that Henry's relationships with both his woman and Pretorious are strained at best.

Well, happiness is fleeting, as we know, and the villagers eventually arrive at the hermit's place to take the Monster to jail. Both the Monster and the hermit are crushed, their happy little love nest disrupted. We can't have the Monster in jail for too long because that wouldn't be any fun and he eventually comes to Pretorious to aide him in his badgering of Henry. Elizabeth has put her foot down once and for all, and she and Henry are leaving! No more mad science, no more gay Pretorious, and certainly no more monsters! But Pretorious knows how to use what he's got - and since there's been some developments in the Monster - namely he now speaks with a fair amount of reason but has also developed a taste for scotch, which Pretorious definitely uses to his own advantage - and Elizabeth ends up becoming the damsel in distress when Pretorious orders the Monster to capture her so Henry will do his bidding.

I'm glossing here a bit because I'm so excited to get to the final creation scene when we actually get to meet the Bride. The film is unusual in this regard - yes, she's titular and yes, she's really what you remember from the movie - but honestly, I think she has like less than five minutes of actual screen time at the very end. Everything I've mentioned up to this point is very important - especially the Monster being given speech and reason - it brings up a whole host of other questions about the nature of humans with serious religious undertones - but you know, with me it's always the SEX part I'm interested in.

So yeah, the creation scene - my favorite scene in the movie - mad science abounds, the wind howls outside the turret, the storm begins to rage, the lab-or-a-tory is teeming with artificial life, and we have Dwight Frye as an excellent lackey for Pretorious. Apparently there was a bit more a subplot involving Frye's character, Karl, but Whale took it out of the movie for a reason I cannot recall at this moment. But, but, then then the slab is raised and our girl is finally brought to life. As I mentioned, we've got two men toiling away at SCIENCE, sleeves rolled up, brows furrowed, intent on their work, a traditional scene. But what makes it work for me is the fact that they are toiling at creating female life, asexually. The whole thing is specifically and hyperbolically phallic - what with the long shaft that elevates the Bride to the roof to Henry's excited shouts of 'It's coming up!' and then finally, the orgasm in the quality of the lightning hitting her slab so that she can live.

After the Bride's birth, she's dressed in white, typical of brides and virgins, although her behavior after her birth is anything but typical. She immediately clings to Henry, seemingly very vulnerable. She's the victim here. However, she shuns the Monster immediately at his attempts to be near her or hold her hand. She hisses at him (something Elsa brought to the character based on seeing the swans hiss at Regent Park) and screams bloodcurdling screams. When she rejects the Monster, she's no longer that female victim you see in horror movies (starting as early as Griffith's BIRTH OF A NATION). The Bride was literally made for the Monster, at least according to the poster art (and I could write a whole other diatribe about the marketing for this film), but she powerfully decides on her own that this is not what she wants. So she was created as a male fantasy, maybe even as an extreme version of Elizabeth, but there's definitely some relation here between psychoanalytic and structuralist models of gender exchange, although I don't know if I'm smart enough to really pinpoint all of them ;P There's female powerlessness (what you see in early horror paradigms) and there's female agency. The Bride has her own agency, which you wouldn't expect I should think, and I love her all the more for it!

I could really go on for days about the stuff I love about this movie, from Franz Waxman's amazing score (I love the Brides three-toned open ended 'theme' - you even hear it when they first start talking about her before she's even 'born'), to the amazing, but in many cases befuddling, poster art -something we horror fans have learned to put up with by now, to even more SEX issues buried deep within as well as issues dealing very subversively with religion, to the venerable Jack Pierce's amazing makeups for the movie (have you noticed how gorgeous the Bride's makeup is - she's almost wearing glamour makeup if it wasn't for the nasty scar on her neck), but I do have other things to do and one of them involves baking many pumpkin pies and eating most of them myself so I'll conclude here...

This film encompasses all the reasons I love great horror movies and what got me started on them in the first place, even when I was young and couldn't quite grasp all the underpinnings and whatnot. It's complex, it's smart, it has lots of issues (not a bad thing), it's stunning to look at and listen to, it's imaginative, and it's just all around great. I think you owe to yourself, as you watch ubiquitous amounts of horror movies in honor of Halloween, to give the Bride some props. It is seriously in my top five of my favorite films of all time.

I'm afraid all of this is just from my abnormal female brain and I have no sources to cite - a lazy scholar is me. But I absolutely love David J. Skal's musings about all things Universal in his book THE MONSTER SHOW as well as his other critical book on horror flicks, SCREAMS OF REASON. Another great book is THE DREAD OF DIFFERENCE: GENDER AND THE HORROR FILM, and has been a great source wrt to my interests for quite some time. Elizabeth Young wrote a great essay in that book dealing specifically with many of the issues I touched in this post. Check it out!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pumpkin Cat

I realize this is fast turning into a blog about Moochie in various costumed situations (ha! not unlike his mommy - don't ask!) for this most esteemed month that every horror fan relishes. But it's not. It's still a movie blog. I just haven't had the energy after putting up with my asshole boss and all the wine drinking to take notes effectively during the last five films I've watched. So I've regaled you with tales of my trips to Target and the temporary tattooing of my pet, as well as the costuming of said pet, because honestly, I don't have the gumption to put together my normal critical scholarship (again, ha!) on those sweet, sweet seventies movies I've been watching. But have no fear! I've still been watching shit! And I swear on Moochie's pumpkin Halloween costume (a dire thing to swear on, to be sure), that I will have a review or whatever it is I like to call it before the weekend's out. And it'll be something good because I love you all so fucking much. But for now, it's cigs and pino grigio and all that aforementioned love. And a cat in a pumpkin suit. Happy Friday!

p.s. Two weeks from today I'll be 29 (again)!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Werewolf Soda

Picked these babies up at Target last night. Werewolf soda! So cute! And it's candy corn flavored. Too bad I hate soda, as well as candy corn. Can't stand the stuff. But these were too adorable to pass up. Bruce sampled the contents and it resembled Mountain Dew (another supreme hatred - it is just the worst beverage out there. If I was going to die of thirst and someone offered me Mountain Dew, or its even lesser cousin Mello Yello, and the only way I was to survive was to partake, I would choose death, just like that. I wouldn't even have to think about it) and tasted kinda like creme soda. Yuck. I'm gonna keep the cans though. Gotta go back for the mummy and the vampire sodas. And it was only $1.99!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Playin' Tattoo Shop

After a giant margarita that defeated me horribly - that thing was delicious and peach flavored and literally the size of my head and I could only drink half of it, this is a first, trust me - Bruce and I went to Target for lack of anything better to do. And we found temporary Halloween tats for a buck. So I bought two packs and we headed back home to drink wine and see what it would look like for me to have knuckle tattoos, since I want them so bad. But we had to set up shop first.

Here's the unopened pack. Notice the sweet tribal with cartoon Frankenstein monster head. Very spooky. And very hardcore. Nothing says cool tattoo like sweet tribal.

Above is our shop. We're very clean, no dirty needles around here.

Here's my finished knuckle ink. It's pretty cool, as you can maybe see. I've got a spider web complete with spider, a bat, a black kitty, two jack o'lanterns (on is upside down), a franken head, a cutie skull with a pink bow, and candy corn. I actually have all of this stuff tattooed on me for reals, but I thought it looked cool on my knuckles for one dollar. It actually kinda fits. So cool.

Here's another one of me - very punk, I know.

This one's pretty cute. Damn, I really want to get my fingers tattooed now. A few people called while we were in the middle of this project and after the requisite 'what are you doings' I replied, getting my knuckles tattooed. To which everyone exclaimed, are you really? You didn't tell me you had a tattoo appointment today! No, silly bears, I'm at home drinking wine and putting el cheapo temp tattoos on me. I also put a bat on my face right underneath my eye. But since I'm not wearing makeup, I don't want to put a closeup of my face on the internet right now.

Okay, but we're not done. Bruce still needs some sick ink.

Admit it - this is the fuckin' coolest armband that was ever committed to skin. It's bats and candy corn. You know you want to go get this same armband tattooed on you now.

But still, there are more people here than just Bruce and me. And by people, I of course mean cats. Moochie decided to come to our shop for his first ink. We were more than happy to oblige. Tuna came with him for support. He was there to hold Moochie's paw if it hurt.

Here's Moochie choosing his design.

World renowned temporary tattoo artist Bruce prepares Moochie's design.

Moochie's a trooper; no complaining from him.

The finished piece - Moochie inevitably chose a bat with some sweet pink tribal in the background. I must say, Bruce is very talented at what he does.

Here's a closeup.

A very satisfied Moochie displays his new tat. He's got tattoo fever now and can't stop talking about all the sweet ink he's going to get in the future. Next stop, dolphin with a yin yang eye tramp stamp. Or maybe a unicorn with a skull face. He hasn't really decided.

No cats were harmed in the making of this blog post. In fact, Moochie was very happy to be part of it and purred through most of the temporary tattoo application. Mostly because we let him sit on the counter.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Night, Be-otches!

And I'm off work! So you know what that means! Drinkin' and snortin' and movie watchin'. And putting baby bibs we find at our restaurants that employ us on cats! Yes, this is what we do for fun in the capital city. We put baby bibs on our cats. And we watch horror movies and drink wine while we do it. So, hmm, what's on tap for tonite? GRACE, for one. Even though I might save that for another time, since I really tend to like to bury my head in the sweet supple sands of the seventies. BAT PUSSY has finally arrived, but I wanted to wait to watch that with someone and as of right now, the only other people here are bunch of cats. I'll figure it out. That is all.

p.s. this was my 100th post! yay! I feel like I should celebrate or something! Oh, wait, I am! By having my usual Friday repast. You know I really don't party as much as I say I do. I usually just sit home quietly and read my Bible and reflect on all that has blessed my life. HA!