Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bat Boy Lives!

In tattoo form. On my foot. My foot is now one hundred percent more badass that it was this morning. Although this was really, really hard to get done and I'm not feeling so hot right now. It's worth it.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let The Fake Friend In

I have joined the facebook universe. Be my friend. I talk about movies and books sometimes. Be my friend. Oh god, please be friends with me for the love of god oh god im going to put some red lipstick on and then put a pantyhose over my head if you don't be my fucking friend on book face. AHHHHHHHH

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

T-Shirt Bordello

The very gracious Don (of the dead) over at T-Shirt Bordello sent me some shirts! What a sweetie! I think you guys will dig his stuff, lots of snarky plays on our favorite horror movies, Lovecraft, zombies, and other nerd-ery. And the shirts look fucking awesome - nice screen prints, cool color, and very professional-looking. Check me out in the HOMICIDER, their take on my favorite masked psycho.

I love how they blend slasher with drinking. Could that get any more perfect?

Secondly, here I am in their Cthulhu shirt. I love how this one could almost be the shirt for a metal band. But it's still awesome sans band logo. And this is my very first Lovecraft shirt. Excellent (rubbing hands together ala Mr. Burns)!

These will definitely make it into my regular t-shirt rotation as soon as I cut the necks out. (I do that with all my shirts. I prefer that off-the-shoulder look.)

So go check out T-Shirt Bordello right now! Tell them I sent ya! And I haven't done a contest in awhile. Hmmm....

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, Assholes!

So I went to work tonight and it was slow as HELL because we didn't do any kind of New Year's thing, which was fine by me, but also very boring. I got off early-ish and proceeded to drink up all the champagne in the bar, as well as most of the Absolut Ruby Red. We toasted that stupid shit (New Year's Eve = Amateur Night) and then scootered home to drink some wine (also pilfered from my bar) and post this crap. Happy 2012, perverts! May your whole fucking year be filled with lots of horror movies, both good and bad and bad in a good way, plenty of cats, and tattoos. Oh, I'm going to get so many tattoos in 2012. Just y'all wait. Just y'all wait. And take a cab. No DUI's, okay?