Monday, July 16, 2012

Jordan Krall's PENETRALIA

Hey perverts. Question. Or rather questions, plural. How much do you like mad science?How do we all feel about incest? Ever thought about a giraffe riding a bicycle? Plague doctors are pretty cool, no? Ever seen an Andy Milligan film?

If you think about this stuff like I do, and wanna have your mind BLOWN, you should DEFINITELY FUCKING READ JORDAN KRALL'S NEW BOOK, PENETRALIA. I did, and let's just say, I think it's my new favorite thing. APOCALYPSE DONKEY was one thing, and will always hold a special place in my heart forever and ever, but PENETRALIA rocked me like a hurricane.

It's the story of brother and sister Philip and Elizabeth, who have a very intimate relationship, in more ways than one, in that they are carrying on their father's 'work' and also have sex with one another, even though Philip is undoubtedly gay. And while I don't want to give way to too much plot, because I don't like doing that when I talk about Bizzaro, let's just say things get pretty messy, anachronistic, and trippy. All in a good way. All in a GREAT way.

Jordan has this way of just making me love his stuff. It's everything I love about the sleazy cinema, Lovecraft, horror in general, and, I might be wrong, and this is just my take, I got a little Alejandro Jodorowsky off this one. All good stuff.

Read this book. I'm always telling you guys to read more and you don't do it. Why? I'm going to give you all a spanking....