Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Night, Be-otches!

And I'm off work! So you know what that means! Drinkin' and snortin' and movie watchin'. And putting baby bibs we find at our restaurants that employ us on cats! Yes, this is what we do for fun in the capital city. We put baby bibs on our cats. And we watch horror movies and drink wine while we do it. So, hmm, what's on tap for tonite? GRACE, for one. Even though I might save that for another time, since I really tend to like to bury my head in the sweet supple sands of the seventies. BAT PUSSY has finally arrived, but I wanted to wait to watch that with someone and as of right now, the only other people here are bunch of cats. I'll figure it out. That is all.

p.s. this was my 100th post! yay! I feel like I should celebrate or something! Oh, wait, I am! By having my usual Friday repast. You know I really don't party as much as I say I do. I usually just sit home quietly and read my Bible and reflect on all that has blessed my life. HA!


  1. Congrats on your 100th and on your Bible reading. I always say: The best way to live one's life is by the words in a book that was written so long ago and in such an erratic, piece-meal fashion that no one can ever truly verify the authenticity or legitimacy or intentions of its sources... much less agree on any single, reasonable interpretation of said "facts". ;p

    Cute cat-bib, btw.

  2. Yeah, can you hold off on BAT PUSSY for two weeks?

  3. Astro, the Bible reading was AWESOME and by Bible reading I mean getting EFFED up! Yeah, that was cool. Except when I thought there was this green light emanating from Moochie. That was really weird.

    Aaron, I TOTALLY have our matching tattoo idea - it's a cartoon drawing of BAT PUSSY on her hippity hop thing that's on the cover of the dvd. I'm scheduling the appointment now.

  4. 100 came and went so fast, congrats my friend! I put a diaper on the dog then laughed and drank a beer, but wife didnt think it was as funny. She really didnt find me putting him outside on a leash with a sign that says "Free dog" funny either after he shit in the house.. I guess my humor will not be appreciated in my time..

    High five for alcohol!

  5. I know - soon my little blog will be celebrating her first birthday. They grow up so fast.

    That dog! I would put these cats outside if they were outside cats since they shit in the house all the time, but they have a litter box so I guess it's allowed. And I appreciate your humor, Carl. Anyone who puts a diaper on an animal is a friend of mine.

  6. Congrats on 100 posts! In these times were it seems all my favourite blogs are, giving it all up, it's great to see this blog going from strength to strength.

    Here's hoping the next 100 are just as much fun!

  7. Thanks, Elwood. Your comment rules! As long as there are still movies to watch and wine to drink and costumes to put on cats, I'm still kickin' it!