Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I also happen to share a birthday with Augusten Burroughs, Weird Al Yankovic, and Sam Raimi. So good for me. Today shall be filled with Halloween cookie making, pumpkin carving (we went to the patch yesterday), and drinking some damn wine. It shall be the perfect day, that much I know. Except I don't have this in my life. Oh well. Drink one for me and wish me another great 29th!


  1. That fucking cake rules. As do you. Happy b-day!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Hombre! So envious that you get to share your birthday with Augusten Burroughs, whose books I adore!
    Hope you have a great Birthday!!

  3. @Astro. My girl Rachel made me a Godzilla cake one year that was pretty sweet, but it was nowhere near Jesus cuddling a baby T-Rex.

    @Elwood. I consider myself among the elite, that's for sure.

    Thanks you guys! Sam and I have already had some amazing Cuban food, some wine, and some awesome mojitos. I'm about to break into a box of pino noir from Target, before the sun goes down and we head back out into the night. Woohoo!

  4. Happy birthday you gorgeous little darlin`.