Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hello, perverts! How the fuck are you? Me, I'm wonderful. Just got back from Chicago after seeing Motorhead and Megadeth and my wonderful girlfriends from grad school. It was epic and cold and drunken and amazing and I wish I never had to come back. Except that the snow is not for me. Can't stand it. I like it cold, but not that cold. I just don't look as cute under twenty million layers of clothes.

I've been watching and reading all kinds of crap and non-crap. It has all been making me pretty happy. I read Adam Blomquist's novel, TRIBESMEN, and loved that shit exponentially. If you love Umberto Lenzi's cannibal movies, you will love the hell out of this. Murder and mayhem and cannibalism and hot chicks (use your imagination, as it is a novel), and blood and all sorts of horror in-stuff, you'll fucking love it.

Bizzaro fiction is the shit and I've recently read Andersen Prunty's HI, I'M A SOCIAL DISEASE, which aside from having an amazing cover, is a great fucking collection. I'm also mid-way through D. Harlan Wilson's THEY HAD GOAT HEADS, which is freaking me out because it's so on point and in tune with everything that I deem awesome, so word.

Movie-wise, just as good, non-good. TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL was charming, my second viewing of FRANKENFISH was everything I hoped for, and I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2.

I changed all the cats' names to Todd and I need more wine. I love you all, you perverted fuckers. Look for my reviews of some Jean Rollin and some stupid SyFy stuff coming up in the next couple of days.


  1. I'm currently reading an awesome Russian dark fantasy/supernatural book, Night Watch! which I'll get a review of up on my blog soon enough.

    Sy-Fy stuff, sounds interesting!

  2. How was Megadeth? Did they play Hanger 18?

  3. "Tucker & Dale" was definitely one of my favorite films of last year and a series I would love to see continued, as they are such great creations it would be a shame to keep them as a one shot creation.

    "Frankenfish" is another underated title and was actually one of the better "Jaws" clones as of late, which might have had alot to having half decent CGI and more than a few surprises throughout.

    Bizzaro fiction constantly seems to be at the top of my reading list, yet like David Lynch movies, it's lovers frequently overwhelm the uninitiated with the sheer randomness of the genre, without mentioning if they still retain any traditional story telling elements or if it's going to be like reading "Naked Lunch" again.

  4. I've seen Megadeth with some kick-ass bands, but never with Motorhead. Bet it was pretty awesome.

  5. I've been reading the Bernie Gunther novels recently by Phillip Kerr. Gunther is a German ex cop turned detective working in Berlin, and the novels are set in Nazi Germany (actually the span of novels cover pre war through post war Germany. Really good stuff.

  6. By the way, Jenn, I have a new blog celebrating one of my fav comic book characters, The Spectre. It's called
    The Spectre Lives! (no need to post this comment - I'm just letting you know as you might be interested). -- Mykal

  7. Oh, you'll enjoy Human Centipede 2... and it will enjoy you. ;)

  8. Jenn, great reads here.

    I think you meant Adam Cesare, not Blomquist, right, in mentioning TRIBESMEN (a great novel)?

    I've never read Prunty, but based on your enthusiasm, I'm starting right now with some orders.