Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fooligan's Revenge

So my honey Sam has started a blog of his own and you guys should check it out. He loves them there horror movies we're all so fond of, but he's also a scooter aficionado (he rides a '79 Vespa), has excellent taste in music (ska, soul, reggae, punk - the good shit), and is an all around great dude (although I might be a bit biased in that regard). We've been a bit busy around the Cavalcade - mostly working, drinking, and going to shows - but he promises to update more than I have been lately - which I swear I will rectify very soon. I watched IN A GLASS CAGE tonight - what a fucked up piece that was and we sat through the slowest burn evar - BORN OF FIRE, but weren't entirely disappointed. So stuff has been watched, processed, noted, and put through the ringer around here. Oh well. Get used to my excuses. I can really be a lazy bastard. Especially since I threw my back out falling two nights in a row (one after a party trying to turn the light on in my hallway and the other trying to scale the brick wall behind my house to break onto the balcony after locking myself out on a wine purchasing excursion) and dancing too hard in brand new platforms at a soul show. Anyway....

You can check Sam out here and find out all about our adventures, show experiences, movies watchings, and other crap. And of course, cats. Lots of cats.

Love you!

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  1. Great to see you taking in IN A GLASS CAGE -- surely one of the most beautiful horror films out there. Beautiful, disturbing, and perverse. The perfect marriage!