Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Between my vicious, violent hangover yesterday (seriously, I still feel it and it's like two days later-box wine and stella! do not mix!), figuring out why I still pay private mortgage insurance after owning my house for over five years (try wrapping a hungover brain around escrow and tax information), and the excitement of the inauguration, I nearly forgot to post this lovely, lovely still from Them!, 1954's wonderful atomic giant ant movie. I saw this still over at Boing Boing, immediately LOL'ed, and posted it to my own damn blog. Number 6 is of particular interest, especially the part about unnatural things alive or dead. I think had this been my own newsboard, unnatural living or dead things would take priority over the theft of sugar, sweets, or syrups. But that's just me. Which is more important? Flying saucers or migration of wild life? Perhaps this list isn't in order of importance. We all need to keep these things, and more, in mind when dealing with giant ants invading our human sphere. Just a reminder, I guess. I love it all the same.  If I had any photoshop skills at all, I would add tattooed, crazy cat ladies with a penchant for horror movies to the board. 

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