Monday, May 18, 2009

Soledad Miranda's Hotness

Is there any limit to Soledad Miranda's hotness? I don't think so. This weekend, I watched She Killed in Ectasy directed by Jess Franco. It's a fairly simple murder revenge tale with Soledad as the beautiful angel of death hellbent on bringing her husband's tormenters and murderers to justice, read: death. And it has pickled deformed babies in jars in a lab-or-a-tory. How can I not love something with pickled deformed babies in jars in a lab-or-a-tory. Seriously, I'm having a hard time putting into words how freakin' awesome this woman is in this movie. (I had to abandon my note taking and picking apart that I usually do when I watch a movie, because I just wanted to absorb it.) Understately sexy and with unravelling sanity, this is the role that truly encaptures the talent and the extreme hotness of this woman. You might also know her as the extremely delicious Countess Nadia from Vampyros Lesbos. Watch this woman's movies. Watch them now. You will not be disappointed.


  1. Indeed. Soledad Miranda is a goddess. Too bad she died at such a young age.

  2. I think her tragic passing is one of the things that make her so alluring. To hear Franco talk about her (in the extras on the Eugenie de Sade dvd), you can hear the tenderness and love he had for the girl.