Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Naschy Stuff

Naschy-a-thon continues here at the Cavalcade, (as well as all over the horror blog-i-verse, which is truly awesome) with a handful of Paul-related items I have scattered about my house. First up, we have my original poster from Spain for REVENGE OF THE MUMMY, which I featured here when I received it. It's still in my foyer and it still looks fantastic and brings me happiness every time I take off my shoes. (You have to take off your shoes in the foyer before you come into the rest of the house.)

Next up, is my one sheet for WEREWOLF VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN, a favorite title of mine. I bought this as a present for someone and then when it arrived, I decided to keep it for myself. I'm a lousy gift giver, because I always want to keep everything for myself.

Thirdly, is me in my MARCA DEL HOMBRE LOBO shirt, which is about five sizes too big, but I rock it anyway. Here, I'm about to go to my kickboxing class. I even represent Hombre Lobo at the gym, mofos! The amazing Jon Kitley has these shirts for sale, amongst some other great titles you can't find anywhere else at his site, Kitley's Krypt. And he's down with the blog-a-thon, so you should check him out. His collection of Naschy-a-bilia is as incredible as it is gorgeous.

I have a Naschy inspired tattoo, which I blogged about here when I got it. It's still there and I still love it.

And, the newest addition to my collection:

This utterly gorgeous print by Gary Pullin of Rue Morgue Magazine of the Mighty Molina in Paul form and in Hombre Lobo form. My picture truly doesn't do it justice. Head on over to Gary's Etsy page to snag your own or to get some other truly incredible horror inspired artwork. I have my eye on the Coffin Joe print next!

I'm so overwhelmed this week with all the fantastic stuff to read and the outpouring of love for Paul, I actually turned down a bar shift tonight! I just don't have time and my heart wouldn't be in it. That, and it's Tequila Night, which is always annoying (four dollar tequilas make the world go crazy!) I'd much rather curl up with Jacinto and some tempranillo. And maybe a cat or two. Now, on with more Naschy-ly goodness!


  1. Love that Werewolf vs. Vampire Woman poster.

  2. Pretty awesome stuff. Sadly, I own no Naschy memorabilia myself.

  3. Thanks, y'all. I am running out of wall space, but it's all good. I want it to look like the Acker-mansion in here. Well, at least a condo sized version :)

  4. Those are some sweet one sheets. Where did you get those? Ebay? I have been decorating the homestead in framed one sheets, but they take up so much space. I even have taken up to getting 11x17 repros to get signed rather than the one-sheet (based on interest or secondary market pricing.)
    I do not have any Naschy one-sheets yet, just never came across one. Gonna have to target one after the holidays. It is getting tough, running out of room and the wife drew the line at the entrance to the kitchen.

  5. HI Chris. Yep, I got the posters on eBay - most of my stuff does come from there, or from conventions, and now, more recently, from Etsy. Most of my punk rock stuff is from back in the day and I'm just now getting around to getting it framed.

    Luckily, my significant other is down with me covering every single surface with horror stuff, so even the kitchen and bathrooms aren't spared!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. The irony of not being able to decorate the kitchen with horror memorabilia. (Except Halloween) is that my wife doesn't cook. I am the chef in the family and the kitchen is my domain, per say. Though she does insist on organizing most of the cupboards.

  7. Well well Jenn I have to say that Cavalcade Mansions and its decor outtrumps my meagre abode here in Victory Mansions. An excellent display of memorabilia. I really do like that Werewolf v Vampire Woman poster!

  8. Oh, my dear Jimmy, that was just a smattering. Maybe I'll do my own Cribs episode for all my horror memorabilia one day. That is, when I've covered every single available inch of wall space.

    And thanks. Folks tend to like the WWvVW poster, but I think the Gary Pullin print is my absolute favorite. I look at it every day and smile. It is just too gorgeous.

  9. I would love to see that!!
    We have a curio case in the living room that is a hoot. Top shelf.....champagne flutes, cake knife, unity candle, and cake topper from our wedding. 2nd shelf....skull signed by Cannibal Holocaust director, Ruggerio Deodato, machete signed by various actors who played "Jason". A screen accurate replica of Freddy's glove from NOES 1. (Which was worn by my bride at the wedding!!) Oh and I failed to mention the cake topper is Frankenstein's monster and the Bride of Frankenstein dancing!!
    That said, can't wait to see a tour of the decor.

  10. Chris, your collection sounds great! And I love that your wife wore a razor fingered glove at your wedding. Love the cake topper too! In fact, I have the Bride and Monster tattooed on me that is supposed to look like they are on top of a wedding cake, which is does. Check my tattoo tag for a pic.