Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Showing Off and Happy Thanksgiving!

I just had to show off these pics of my new scooter - a 1963 Lambretta! With original paint! I'm so excited! Add one more vintage vehicle to my collection! Also, have a picture of Moochie fitting into a tiny box. It took him twenty minutes to figure this out. And he stayed like this awhile.

Happy Thanksgiving if I don't get around to posting tomorrow. Do it up right - consume a week's worth of calories in one day and drink until you pass out crying because now Christmas is really only like a month away and you have no excuses for not seeing your family.

That is all. Unless you want to tell me what horror movies you'll be watching before, during, and after copious amounts of vittles.
I've got more Naschy lined up, as well as some Sasquatch related atrocities and maybe a She-Beast thrown in there for good measure.

Love you guys!


  1. One to watch would be this documentary about the "Video Nasties" hysteria that hit the UK in the eighties. Trailer at utoob but be warned it contains scenes of video tape burnings!!!

  2. Awesome scooter. Original paint!

  3. Just found your blog via the Nascathon and I have to say, it's creepy that I have a very similar looking cat named Mookie who also strives every day to fit his girth inside a too-small box. WEIRD!

    Also, your poster collection is amazing.

  4. @Death Face. I will check it out. I will try not to weep too much as video cassettes shuffle off this mortal coil in flames.

    @Mykal. If only I could get the cats interested in riding that would be good.

    @Emily. Mookie and Moochie should be friends! They could spend all the day looking for too-small places to shove their fat asses. Although, Moochie doesn't play well with others. He's a mama's cat for sure. And thanks. Stick around. Hopefully I'll have more Naschy stuff up by end of week. We'll see!

  5. Guess what? Mookie is also a mama's cat. I'm convinced his fetish for small boxes is a substitution for his constant struggle to return to the womb. Cats are such strange beings.