Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Bela Lugosi!

Happy birthday, Bela; you would have been 119 today! I'll be at work tonight, but once I'm home, it's my Bela DVD collection box set on my new Blu-Ray player with my cat named after you.

(I love that I share a birthday week (I'll be 29 AGAIN on Sunday) with Divine and Bela.)


  1. 119 and counting. Thanks for reminding me. Bela, you are... avenged! And happy birthday your bad self.

  2. " Bela DVD collection box sex..."

    WHERE can I get this? ;)

    Happy Birthday, Bela!

  3. Bela lives. Somewhere, in some dark home, Bela is one hundred and nineteen years old, grinning that vampire, black smile with eyes like lamps . . . watching.

  4. This has to be one of my favorite pictures of the man. Here he is all dapper, exotic, and struggling with the inability to turn down his own intensity. Look at those eyes! Someone behind the photographer is on the receiving end of a steady beam of mind control.

    A great choice for Bela's birthday. And I hope your own celebration burned down a good portion of the city.