Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Divine

Today would have been the legendary Divine's 66th birthday. Watch PINK FLAMINGOS or FEMALE TROUBLE, quote every line, and then stare longingly at the framed photo of Divine with Santa Claus you keep in your entryway while you fight back tears. You are missed, you beautiful creature. You are missed.


  1. And to think that Divine was supposed to be the gay uncle on "Married with Children" which would have made him the first openly gay character on TV, had he not passed away mere weeks before filming and now it's an honour which now belongs to "Brideshead Revisited" which honestly kinda sucks in comparison, as Divine would have been an epic person to bestow such an honour upon.

    Still we only have to imagine what John Waters early work would have been without him, to release the influce that he did have while he was alive and even now in death.