Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chicken in a Hockey Mask

Good lord, I loved typing that title. I also love living in a world where there is good weirdness. I consider myself to be weird in a good fun way, and I love other instances where I find interesting weird things. For instance, as of late, the local wing restaurant has taken to having a guy in a chicken suit dancing on the sidewalk to entice customers into the establishment. I've always wondered if having a guy dressed as a sub or pizza or, in this case, a chicken, is actually an effective marketing tool. Like do people driving by just freak out when they see the chicken and want to pull over right then and there and order themselves a basket of wings? Not being a big meat eater myself, and I absolutely cannot eat wings, something about meat on the bone turns me off big time, seeing a dancing anthropomorphic chicken does not make me want to eat chicken. But that's just me. 

However, I wanted to give the chicken props yesterday. Instead of his chicken mask, he was wearing a hockey mask ala our friend Jason Vorhees but he still had on his chicken body. He was still dancing and wearing the sandwich board for the restaurant, but looked all the more menacing and strange because of said hockey mask. It was one of those moments I wish I had my camera, so I carried it around with me today hoping he would reprise his role as Chicken Vorhees. No such luck, but that camera is not leaving me bag, at least for awhile.  I would think though, that wearing such a getup would actually be an even less effective marketing tool than the standard chicken suit. And I loved it! It didn't make me want to get wings, though. So that was the highlight of yesterday, as you can see, I don't have a lot going on. But I do love shit like this. And it's sorta genre related, so what the hell. 

In other news, I just drank the last of the wine so I'm off to Food Lion. I think all the businesses in my neighborhood should adopt the dancing chicken advertising gimmick with a horror bent. Have a lion outside of the grocery store Food Lion but have him wielding a chainsaw. Have a guy outside of the pizza place, which they do already, he wears a sandwich board shaped like a guitar and he pretends to play it, in a very spirited way, but have the guitar shaped like the driller killer's in Slumber Party Massacre. Have some dude dressed up like Michael Myers in front of any establishment, really. If I had my way, my main drag will be covered in monsters advertising food products - how awesome. 

I wish I had a picture to accompany this post. I google image searched chicken in a hockey mask and came up with nada. So imaginations, run wild. Yippee - I found some vodka and I'm about to watch Caged Women, starring the lovely, but too skinny, Laura Gemser on my new HDTV. I feel like such a traitor to my old technology. I'm still gonna rock the VHS, it's my lifeblood, but I just couldn't resist a 42-inch high def flat screen for under six hundred bucks. Seventies exploitation will have never looked better, at least for me. Buenos noches! 

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  1. With a blog title like that, who couldnt read that awesome story lol.. Oddly enough, we have had a new chicken selling his wares and juggling on the street corner recently too.. It may be an invasion..