Monday, April 13, 2009

Savage Steel: Begins With a Nightmare

Check this sweet cassette cover art I found on ebay randomly. Never heard of Savage Steel but if I had an extra 9.99, I would sooooo drop it on this tape. Little about the band could be gleaned from the auction listing, but perhaps it's a reference to a character from the Marvel universe? Who knows. This cover is freakin' awesome. Tracks include 1. Hit it from the Rear, 2. The Betrayal (into) Chambers of Darkness, 3. On the Atack (sic), 4. Night Prowler, 5. Streets of Indecision (this is probably the ballad), 6. A Night on the Horizon, and 7. Switchblade Man.
A quick search on Amazon revealed the original release date for this title was January 2, 1991 on New Renaissance Records. The album is also available for download from Amazon. This artwork reminds me of this Ozzy tape my dad had back in the day, it was for Bark at the Moon (not that that art looks remotely anything like this art, but I will make a point here in a sec), and I think it was the first ever METAL artwork I had ever seen. True to my obsessive nature, I would go in the stereo cabinet and stare at that cassette tape's cover art for hours, but was always too afraid to play it. Like with horror vhs tape box art, as a young thing I was often scared, but intrisicly drawn to, heavy metal cover art. I don't know why my dad had that Ozzy tape, as far as I know he wasn't a fan, he tended to lean towards the Journeys and the Framptons of the rock world. I should ask him, and being one to never really get rid of anything, I bet he still has it.
Anybody familiar with Savage Steel? Were they, like, your favorite band back in the early nineties? Did your cousin play with them or know someone who did? I'd do some research but I'm lazy.


  1. After reading this post I had to go listen to the preview tracks on Amazon...the first three 30-second clips are instrumental METULL and not bad for what they are...but the vocal stylings on the "Back for the Attack" sample (they ran a spell check before putting it on Amazon, apparently) must be heard to be believed.

    And had I seen this artwork during my high school days, I would have totally blind-bought this tape. I think I still have a Meliah Rage tape I bought for the same reason.

    Note: very disappointed there were no lyrics on the "Hit from the Rear" sample. Is it worth a dollar to find out? ;)

    Love the site!

  2. I would have totally blind bought this one too! I think I still would, if I came across it in a thrift store. I'll see if they have 'Hit it From the Rear' on iTunes, I think I have a buck or two left over on a gift certificate. I'll let ya know :)

    thanks for reading!

  3. I used to spin this album on my punk/radio show back in the day. It's your run of the mill 80's power metal/speed metal. I will say that "Hit From the Rear" is a pretty sweet track, even all these years later. However, I could SO turn you on to some obscuro cult metal from the 80's if you ever need suggestions! :)

  4. J - that's cool, still got the record? Vinyl or cassette?

    And please SO turn me on to some obscure cult metal from the 80's! The 80's-er the better!

  5. Try here for a download of that album.

    So what's your pleasure? Thrashy, glammy, straight or death metal? I have TONS!

  6. NIce to see the album is still around. Some information on Savage Steel:
    The Band is from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    formed in 1981. Begins with a Nightmare was recorded in Los Angeles in June/July 1986 and the album was released in 1987. The band went back into the studio in 87 (Pyramid Sound in Ithaca NY) to record their second album for New Renaissance it was to be titled Killing Time but it was never released. There are some copies on the net(made from a pre-mixdown tape the band brought back from the studio. The band then recorded their next album in 1988 for Maze Music it was titled Do or Die and was released in 1989. The band broke up about a year or so after.