Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Nothing says I love you like a fold out cock and balls and some topiary.

Oh, and P.S. this is the text from the BFF who is currently on tour with his band Worn in Red, I received today: Thought of you 2x today, Francis. 1st, because the place we stayed @ last night had a huge pile of cut up fingernails on theyre [sic} entertainment center adn 2nd I'm drinking st. ides.

I don't even think this needs an explanation.


  1. They even put the perineum on the chopper!!!, now thats what i call attention to detail.

  2. Jenn, more hilarious Hamster comments over at Soiled Sinemas reveiws of "A CHRISTMAS STORY", "DECEPTION OF A GENERATION" and "NIGNT OF THE CREEPS" (just in case you haven`t read them already). By the way, is there any way you could find out whats happening with regards to McQ and Tyree? they haven`t reveiwed any films over there for more than 3 months now.